Mark ran in support of the the charity “Brain Tumour Research” after his eldest son, Jake was diagnosed with an astrocytoma braintumour in December 2020. Jake went through a 7 hour operation to remove the tumour, and his first yearly scan has given Jake the all clear.

Mark, so far, has managed to raise an incredible £15,000.


“I did it! In so much pain now after Hamstring went just after 18 miles but still made it to the line. Emotional at the minute. Been such an amazing experience and the crowds chanting my name to get me across that line was something I will take to the grave. Managed to finish it in 4hrs 39 mins!!!

But let’s not forget what you guys have done on helping me get to this point! And to donate the kind of money you have is just phenomenal! Thank you all so so much!”


Mark Tindale is fundraising for Brain Tumour Research (

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