Q-Flex Advanced is our new ultra high definition (UHD) flexographic plate technology.

We know there are known technical print issues that printers face every day. Our challenge was to create a product that could compete with gravure, but without the flexo issues we are all well aware of.

Q-Flex Advanced - issue 4
Short Plate Life
Q-Flex Advanced - issue 5
Poor Ink Laydown
Q-Flex Advanced - issue 6
Harsh Edges To Shadows
Q-Flex Advanced - issue 1
Un-Smooth Vignettes
Q-Flex Advanced - issue 3
Dot Bridging In Mid Tones

Connect’s Q-Flex Advanced screening and plate technology has resolved all these issues.

  • Perfect for Fixed Colour Palette due to the wider colour gamut Q-Flex Advanced brings.
  • Exceptional image quality with superb highlights and shadows.
  • Smoother ink laydown and higher densities.
  • Proven plate longevity.
  • Vignettes running to zero.
  • No more trailing edge void.
  • Eliminates dot bridging.
  • Full press support from our Technical team.
  • Commercially competitive.

Apache screening has been developed for Spot inks and Whites.
Better ink laydown, higher opacities and reducd costs.

  • Increase white opacity by as much as 10%.
  • Save on white ink costs by up to 20%.
  • No need to run 2 x whites.